As part of In The Absence Of..., a group show at Greg Kucera Gallery. 

Sentimentality is a series of letters created for 23 individuals. Each letter is enclosed in an envelope marked with the name of its recipient. Each recipient is a person who has, in some capacity, affected the life of the artist. Their relationships range in quality from friends to lovers, exlovers, family members, mentors, and collaborators. A letter is only made public when its addressee chooses to remove the envelope. Over the course of the exhibit, the series elaborates upon each relationship as the letters are exposed.

Instruction during exhibit: If your name is written at the top of a letter and you wish to open it, please check in with the gallery attendant. To open your letter, untie the bow and slide off the black envelope. When an envelope is removed it cannot go back on and will remain on display until February 14th, 2015. Each piece belongs to its recipient at the conclusion of the exhibition.