Mary Ann Peters w/ MKNZ

impossible monument (on my eyes and my head)

Text by Mary Ann Peters:

"This work draws upon various associations to bread, from ritual to calamity. It’s conceptual framework is the idea of impossible monuments; those every day items or events that deserve reverence but most likely will never be acknowledged. The entire piece is made from baking flour. 

In every culture there is a key commodity central to a meal that equals the importance of bread. When we break bread we honor camaraderie and invoke peace. One little discussed aspect of the current strife in the Middle East is drought which forced thousands of rural farmers to abandon their land and move to the cities. The lack of response to their plight sparked revolts that accelerated the still unresolved conflict in the region. Their land lays fallow.
There is an Arab expression that translates to “on my eyes and my head” which parallels our own expression of “I would do anything for you”. At it’s most generous intention, it is among the highest expressions of hospitality and respect."