Taylor Pinton & MKNZ

Blind Faith

The artists sat on cinder blocks on opposite sides of a large, leaning wall. The wall was suspended over Pinton and supported by a pulley system, which was anchored in MKNZ’s right hand. The two were unable to see one another. While MKNZ supported the entire weight of the leaning wall with her right arm, her left arm penetrated a small hole in middle of the wall. The wall vibrated and lurched sporadically, narrowing the space that cushioned Pinton while gradually forcing MKNZ to double over. The exposed skin of her forearm was concurrently tattooed by Pinton, with imagery unknown to MKNZ at the time of the performance.

The tattoo on MKNZ’s forearm reads, in Pinton’s handwriting, darling if you want me to, a lyric from Prince’s "I Would Die 4 U”.


photos by Courtney Howell