Performer/Tattooer with Saint Genet

An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite

A 72-hour performance, between Traiskirchen and Vienna, Austria. 

Summary by Ryan Mitchell: 

“An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite” began at dawn on April 17th (5:02 a.m.) and continued without break, pause, or hesitation for 3 days. Each day began with a dawn installation and performance in an abandoned factory (“Semperitfabrik”) located in Traiskirchen, immediately followed by a 30km procession, which twice intersected, as poetic homage, with Gunter Brus’ original route taken while performing Wiener Spaziergang (1965), I was luckly enough to have Hermes Phettberg join me for the 2nd homage procession. Everything finished at the Charim Galerie (Event Space Schleifmühlgasse 1a, 1040 Wien) where an accumulating “re-creation” of each days dawn performance took place."

My primary role in this performance involved tattooing Ryan as part of our ritual during each performance (a total of 6 times). The tattoo was handpoked and it's contents unknown to Ryan until the end of the 72-hour performance. The tattoo reads "love me or kill me, brother", an excerpt from John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.